Services 3

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    Power Supplies pull in dust & grit and do fail fairly regularly. Also, many times, power surges damage them.

  • Laptops


    We can repair, upgrade, recondition and speed up most laptops, way better than new, for great savings.

  • Optical Drives

    Optical Drives

    Optical Drives have miniature lasers and LEDs for reading discs. These do fail often, but we can inexpensively replace.

  • Monitors


    Broken monitor screens are repairable, plus replacement monitors are better, with larger views, for less than ever.

  • Component Hookup

    Component Hookup

    Many times computers need custom configuration, especially installing and configuring multi-media devices.

  • Hard Drives

    Hard Drives

    Hard drives hold all your important data, but they fill up. We can give you extra space and speed!

  • CPU Cooling Heatsink / Fans

    CPU Cooling Heatsink / Fans

    CPU Heatsink Fan failure is a common cause of computer crashes and lockups. Check annually, replace if necessary.

  • Data Recovery

    Data Recovery

    Hard Drives all fail at some point. We can help by saving that valuable data before it is lost.

  • Motherboards


    Motherboards are the soul of the computer. Everything run through it. We can repair or replace any motherboard.