Ring in the New Year

Ring in the New Year by securing your Ring Doorbell. 2019 saw numerous security flaws with the Ring doorbell, including the allowance of attackers to spy on families’ video and audio footage. Ring also left Wi-Fi network passwords exposed and gave 600 police departments access to your personal device.

Ring lacks certain features that we like to see in the security world. First, Ring allows you to log in as many times as you like with the wrong credentials without locking you out. This allows hackers to continue to try variations of your credentials, until they get it right. Second, the user is not notified if someone logs into their account from a different location. If the device sends you an email or notification, you would be aware that someone else is in your account and change your password.

In December, a man hacked into a families Ring device and talked to an 8 year old girl. Days earlier, a man harassed a family with racial slurs thought their Ring device and another woman was awoken by a hacker that requested 50 bit coins or she would be “terminated”

To keep your devices secure, enable 2FA encryption if it is available, use strong passwords (NEVER the default), change your password frequently, and keep your device updated with the latest security features.

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